Remembering our fellow QI Oldies members of yore

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VALE: Bill Flowers

We are sorry to hear of Bill's death on 10th May 2012 as advised by Daphne Omar, QBE Outreach, Victoria Convenor.
Bill was in his 92nd year. His service record with QI/QBE was:1954/60 - Sydney Branch, 1960/66 - Burwood Sub Branch, 1966/79 - Melbourne Branch, Retired 1979.
Bill became a Prisoner of War by the Japanese in Singapore, as were John Parkes and the late Peter Britz from Sydney Branch. The three of them suffered unbelievable privations during their internment in Singapore and Malaysia that have been well documented in many books.
Bill Flowers, in a letter to QI Oldies Founder and Spotlight Editor, Don Granter on 14th October 2005, referred to one such book by a fellow prisoner Dr Rowley Richards. In Dr Rowley's book, "A Doctors War" the reference read, "The trip to Singapore was bloody awful. Once again we were packed into enclosed steel rail truck sweat boxes, cooped up like circus animals in transit, with 32 men per small wagon and 66 to 70 in a large one, there was less room to squat than the last time. Not long into the journey Sergeant Peter Britz (of the 2nd /15th field regiment) developed pneumonia. It was difficult to nurse him under such unhygienic conditions and our guards were not willing to sacrifice any of their own territory to allow him to stretch out. I still had a final few tablets in my personal kit, which I administered to him. I knew he would not give up, and he didn't".
Bill wrote to Don again on the 2nd November 2005 in part, quoted from Dr Rowley Richards Book the following: "Years after the war Peter Britz sent me a personal note of thanks with a cheque for $1,000 in favour of the The 2/15th Field Regiment Association. His note read, 'To repay a debt incurred in a (rail) truck in Malaysia'".
Peter Britz went to war from Queensland Insurance Sydney Branch and is now deceased. Don reflects 'This is just one more story of the atrocities of war and man's inhumanity to man'.

The following cutting is from the Daily Telegraph and Pictured (left) the late Peter Britz and (right) QI Oldie member John Parkes.

Bill Flowers

Peter Britz John Parkes

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